That Magic Feeling

In a previous post I mentioned that one of the things I wanted to write about was “that magic feeling” so here is what I mean…

 Defining it & Why it was important enough for me to write about it…

What is that magic feeling?

Well it’s something like when you turn on the radio and you hear your favorite song and you can’t help but stop everything to enjoy it. (You sing, dance, shush friends, and/or sit in musical reverie). But it’s more than that.  Yes, sometimes that magic feeling is about chance, luck, coincidence, or going with the flow. Yet, many times, and perhaps most times, it might be the exact opposite.

However, the term magic  conjures a lot of preconceived notions (some you may not even realize you have)…

When I say magic feeling or just magic in this blog (unless otherwise specified)….

I am NOT referring to the following:

  • Spell-casting, religious practice (be it pagan, wiccan, witchcraft, voodoo, vodu)
  • Wishes, potions, conjuring, transfiguration, summoning, wizardry, alchemy, bewitchment
  • Prophecy, superstition, fortune-telling
  • Paranormal, Occultism, Summoning, Demonologists, Satanic Rites, Necromancy,
  • Illusionists, hypnotists, slight of hand, magicians, trickery, allurement, confidence(con)-artistry

What I mean by magic is perhaps akin to how visitors and staff of Disney World talk about when they say “Disney Magic”.  Like a form of happiness, a letting go of certain notions, and embracing your childlike glee. However, Disney magic can also mean well-timed illusion, above and beyond customer service/convenience, and connection to a corporate machine; which is not what I am talking about either.

Honestly if there was another word that I knew of to use, I would use it. It would create a lot less  confusion… Perhaps I could use the word “wonderment” but still that’s not exactly what I am saying either. Personally, I am not sure everyone has had the privilege or awareness to feel this way and it might not be the same for everyone or even the same feeling or reaction for each individual either. Especially since this feeling I am speaking of can be a singular moment, a recalled memory, a kindness, an event… It could happen every day, once in a while… It could be fleeting (slightly out of grasp), it can be residual, or it can be a consistent way of life.

Think of that magic feeling as a recipe… one that is slightly adaptable at that… such as a cake. You can have a plain vanilla cake with just vanilla icing or you can have a three layer cake with four different icings, berries, pudding, and sprinkles. (Usually it’s something in the middle of these two extremes but stick with me…)

So a basic cake recipe you need your essential ingredients: some kind of flour (this could be all purpose, whole wheat, almond, coconut, etc.). Then you need your stabilizers so that flour turns into a cake in the oven, this is your eggs, flax seed, oil, baking powder (the stuff you might not taste but is really essential). And to make this a cake some kind of topping and filling (be it icing, berries, powdered sugar) this what holds the cake together and kind of denotes that the cake is a cake. Then add-ons, the optional fun stuff that goes with the toppings and the fillings, like when you read a recipe and the recipe says optional such as (may add walnuts, chocolate chips, berries, etc. if so desire).

Side note: I apologize for those who came here wishing for a distraction from food or are on a diet… I swear this is not a blog just about food. Food may sometimes be discussed but I am certainly not a “food blog”. And food may even occasionally be a part of that magic feeling but if done right it usually isn’t… In fact, an aside to the aside… many people may only allow themselves that “magic feeling” when consuming some kind of food, the moment of bliss as they savor a slice of cheese cake or eat that cookie, sip that coffee… and I’m trying to tell you there are more ways to feel that magic feeling then just that… but right now back to my recipe analogy.

So here’s the magic recipe (measurements may very) … remember Flour & Stabilizers would be essential ingredients and the fillings/topping help that cake become a cake…

  • 3 cups  Child-like WONDER (FLOUR- this may occasionally be substituted for appreciating things with awe or seeing things from a new light… but ultimately,  childlike wonder is key)
  • 4 cups Allowance—Self Acceptance—Willingness  (STABILIZERS… allowing yourself to feel these feelings, willingness to feel these feelings, accepting who you are and what it is that you love)
  • 4 cups    Appreciation—Respect—Reverence—Love (STABILIZERS… these can come in different combinations and should always include some self-love/respect and hopefully general respect for others/nature/the world. Very helpful would be reverence for the idea of magical things, moments, and feelings… and appreciation for these things helps a lot too)
  • 1 cup Traditions—Memories (FILLINGS/TOPPINGS… this can be either reclaiming old traditions and honoring past memories, or  creating new traditions, forgoing old unloved traditions and creating new memories)
  • ½ teaspoon to 2 cups Creativity (FILLINGS/TOPPINGS… up to you on how creative to get… if creativity stresses you out then maybe you’ll be more a go with the flow, half a teaspoon kind of person)


Add-ons [Your optional ingredients added to the fillings/toppings that make your cake taste even more delicious]:

  • Love of: the holidays, seasons, seasonal items/treats, Disney, food, some fandom, some geeky thing… (Generally allowing yourself to love or appreciate the things you love/appreciate is helpful–I don’t mean being self absorbed or assuming no one likes things in the way you like them, just appreciating things.)
  • Random acts of kindness/helping others feel that magic feeling
  • Romance/Romantic nature (That magic feeling is almost like romancing yourself)

Hopefully that clears things up a little… It will become clearer as I discuss different topics that work into this magic feeling in future blog posts, but this my best attempt at defining what I am trying to talk about.

Now, why am I bothering to write/talk about all this? There are a couple of reasons:

One– I love this feeling, I want more of it for myself and others.

Two– Some of you may never have felt anything close to this and maybe I can help you feel it if only a little bit.

Three– As a librarian/researcher (day job) I had trouble finding information about this feeling in our everyday lives in the context of which I wanted to discuss (the only time it came close was briefly reference in something else—almost always fiction—such as that magic Christmas feeling, romantic love at first sight magic, or Disney magic as I mentioned earlier)

Four– I have searched for more specific things that relate to this topic and didn’t find anything that reflected what I wanted/needed. Which made me think about other people that might be looking for that type of information and cannot seem to find it either.

Five– To help adults realize that this isn’t just a feeling for kids… A lot of my posts will be about adults allowing themselves to have that childlike wonder and magic… If you are parent, my hope for you is that you can feel the magic alongside your child not just through your child’s eyes and I will have some posts about how to help children continue to feel the magic. But when I discuss this on this blog, my intented audience is child-free adults, or even just adults, because as adults we’ve either been denied the magic all our lives or have been told to let the magic go… I am telling you it is okay to have the magic.

Some of the topics/posts I would like to do in the future (and the motivation for this blog):

  • Bringing back the classic childlike magic and mystery of Halloween
  • Obtaining Christmas magic without the status quo
  • Taking yourself on dates
  • Being a cool Aunt/Adult to a child
  • How to have a Disney Staycation
  • How to have a geek themed event for just yourself, you & your partner, or a small group
  • Great adult activities that bring that magic feeling
  • Spread happiness with random acts of kindness and help those in need in small special ways

So when I reference that magic feeling in the future, you at least have a better understanding of my intentions and meaning.

Hoping you have many magical moments!

Remember, You GOT This!



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