So Why… “You Got This”?

When discussing a new blog idea with my husband, I said to him, I just want to start something that is me.

Goals for this blog:

  • Be Authentically Me
  • Discuss an array of topics that I have knowledge on, been researching, or just want to share (I am not saying I am the be all and end all on any topic)
  • Write to my past self (or future self)… with the information I once needed or wanted* (more on this shortly)
  • Write about that magic feeling** (more on this as well)

As you can see from my first entry to this blog, I have tried to confine and define my blogs by writing on a singular topic or aspect of myself. Though I would like to have an overall theme and thus, an audience for that theme, I am ultimately writing for myself and people like myself. Sometimes we may have lots of things in common, and sometimes we may have nothing in common, and that’s life.

*Writing for my past self, and the information I once needed/wanted. Have you ever looked high and low for an article or document that had information you needed? Perhaps you were looking for something that reiterated your decision or helped you process something life changing? Or you just wanted something compiled, or a slightly different perspective from the rest of the articles you are finding on the topic you are researching, and you know that perspective exists since you’ve discussed it, it’s just that no one else desired to write it or compile it. And what if you knew deep down that you weren’t the only one who could possibly need or find this information useful….  Well I read a piece of advice some time ago that said, “Write for your past self. Write what you needed to read five years ago.” And I thought that was some pretty solid advice.  What did Heather, five years ago, need? Well I needed an article telling me it was okay to go against the grain and elope.  I needed articles on dealing with stress and anxiety. I needed articles that compiled Halloween themed movies that weren’t necessarily for children but also weren’t grotesque horror. Or rewind ten years ago, I needed information on being a single woman moving out on my own. Or current Heather, would really like more information and resources for couples who are child-free and intend to remain so. Or future Heather wants to go to Disney World and a place to compile all that I have learned. These topics however do not just apply to me and so hopefully that will help others along the way.

** As for that magic feeling… well I will discuss this at length in a future post.  However, before I decided to go with “You Got This” I was going to focus on what I call(ed) “that magic feeling”. Though it will be a major focus of my blog, I decided that too was just a little to limiting. Since what I want is to share with others how to obtain that magic feeling in your daily life… and I think that also falls under that speaking to my self past, present, and future, because I need to keep feeling that magic.

So why, “You Got This”? How did I finally decide on that simple little phrase. Well, it’s my phrase. The phrase I say to anyone that I know needs a little bit of motivation, to anyone I know who just needs someone outside of themselves to reaffirm that they are doing okay. I say it because it needs to be said and it’s so simple. It’s hard to argue with it. When I say it I mean: “I believe in you, you should to”, I mean “this is simpler than you think”, I mean “this road may be tough, but if you stay dedicated you will prevail”… and it means that and so much more. And so many times, I’ve thought to myself “I don’t got this”, but I do, or otherwise I wouldn’t be here right now. I’ve been there for others, and hope to continue to be, and now it’s time to also be there for myself.

Remember, You Got This!

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