At Least I Posted Something… Keeping a Streak…

I am going to call this an ALIPS post…. as in “At Least I Posted Something”

I am trying to keep a streak going, I have posted once a week every week since October 2018 and I hope to continue to do so, when I created Wednesday as my post day that felt natural to do, and it is irking me that I just don’t have the energy for one of my normal posts. But I just am feeling so drained and strained… there is a lot going on right now (has been for a few weeks, and I am also trying to do some personal inner work type stuff as well as Summer work load that just hit me… ) but I wanted to post something, and do my best to keep this streak of posting/writing so today you get a blah kind of post today. I am sorry about that.

I always try to make my posts on this blog to be informative or helpful.

Lately I’ve been dividing everything into three main categories: Regular (informative with resources), Past Self PSA (a public service announcement to my past self that hopefully helps others as well so this almost the same as the regular posts in that it it is informative however this topic may not have been as deeply researched, and mostly likely won’t include any kind of resources), and TMF (That Magic Feeling, I discuss this at length… in the post called That Magic Feeling which are things that may not be so much researched or service announcement feel but just ways I have and you may be able to feel that magic feeling, also included in this would be Holiday Magic… just bringing that magic feeling into your life)…. and now much to my chagrin I have added ALIPS…. At Least I Posted Something….

See the thing is that I made a deal with myself to try to post once a week every Wednesday… and man oh man do I want those posts to all be full of substance… I mean I created the PS PSA because I needed to give myself a break from researching like crazy and also because there were things I wanted to say that didn’t necessarily need resources…. so occasionally I may post a “filler” post. Because I still want to post something every Wednesday when I can but I am also allowed to focus on self-care… and so there you have it. This blah kind of a post… Maybe I will do these as more of a current introspective? How I view the world or where I am right now.

What’s funny about this is that if it were anyone else, I would just say give yourself a simple hiatus it’s okay to give yourself a break… and maybe I will but whether or not I even have anyone reading these posts I think it’s good for me to try my best to post at least SOMETHING each week.

Anyway… I got this… You got this…



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