So… You may have noticed I didn’t post yesterday, October 23. (If not no worries)…. But I am finding the every week post schedule is a just a little too hard for me. Until further notice I am going to cut myself some slack and try to post once a month. And I am thinking that the 3rd Thursday of each month will be the goal as of right now.

I may do more than that, I am not sure, I just don’t want to repeat content and also I want to write about topics that I feel that I truly know about and are well researched. Which I’m still young, I am knowledgeable about some stuff but not too much. Also I would like to have my posts more polished/finished for my readers… I have been posting several works without much editing just for the sake of getting them up and that has made for several typos and errors that I normally wouldn’t let slip.

So for my sanity and for the sake of overall quality, I am going to post my next post in the morning of November 21st and following that, every Third Thursday of every month.

(Dec 19, Jan 16, and so on)

Now this may change especially once the holidays have ended, but I do want to focus more on writing my fiction works and though overall since starting this blog I am more consistent with my writing, I have found that I’m dedicating what little free time I have to write (with work and all other goings on) on this blog instead of those writings. So this is also an attempt to balance that situation.

Thank you to all my readers. I hope you have a Happy Halloween and you should see a post in November! (Remember 2018 October I started this blog so there are a lot of fun Halloween posts from last year if you want something to read in the mean time! )

Some past posts…

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Halloween Magic: Movies (Part 1 of 3)

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Halloween Magic: Movies (Part 3 of 3)Halloween Magic: Movies (BONUS)

Halloween Magic: The Cool House & Trick or Treats


Remember in the meantime, YOU GOT THIS!







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