Halloween Magic: Movies (BONUS)

Some Halloween TV & follow up resources for Part 3.


Here are some of my favorite Halloween episodes of TV shows.

Addams Family [2P]:

  • Halloween with the Addams Family (1964) Season 1, Episode 7

Buffy the Vampire Slayer [3P] :

  • Halloween (1997) Season 2, episode 6
  • Fear, Itself (1999) Season 4, Episode 4
  • All the Way (2001) Season 6, Episode 6

Castle [3-4P] (depending on episode):

  • Vampire Weekend (2009) Season 2, episode 6**
  • Demons (2011) Season 4, episode 6 [not really Halloween but spooky!]
  • Undead Again (2012) Season 4, episode 22 [not Halloween but zombies!]
  • PhDead (2015) Season 8, Episode 3 [once again not really Halloweeny]

Frasier [2P]:

  • Halloween (1997) Season 5, episode 3
  • Room Full of Heroes (2001) Season 9, episode 6
  • Tales From the Crypt (2002) Season 10, episode 5

How I Met Your Mother [2P]

  • The Slutty Pumpkin (2005) Season 1, Episode 6
  • Canning Randy (2010) Season 6, episode 7
  • The Slutty Pumpkin Returns (2011) Season 7, episode 8

Modern Family [2P]:

  • Halloween (2010) Season 2, episode 6
  • Open House of Horrors (2012) Season 4, episode 5
  • Good Grief (2018) Season 10, episode 5 {Brand new! However, sad!}

The Munsters [2P]:

  • The Munster Masquerade (1964) Season 1, episode 1


But you didn’t level the last post lists so … Is it appropriate???  Umm, probably not?  Most of those titles will be a little “much” for children/families and the adults who do not like horror. Many of the titles in part 3 are titles that wont be reviewed by commonsensemedia.org but you are welcome to check. IMDB.com may have some parental reviews for some of these titles.

Some List challenges

Want to see where you rank on how many of a type of horror/Halloween movie you’ve seen?

I want more Halloween episodes of TV shows:


Oh and for some horror movie humor, you may want to check out https://horrormovielessons.wordpress.com/. The creator of that blog, Bunny From Beyond, liked my ” movies part 2″ post, and I checked them out, and if you are okay with spoilers and enjoy a good laugh especially in relation to horror movies, then you might want to check them out! I’m more of Halloween fan than a horror fan but still a lot of fun!

AND if you haven’t already, feel free to check out the posts Halloween Magic: Movies Part 1, 2, & 3! (The third one is the longest.)


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