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loving daylights

(Image courtesy of Avon Books: The Loving Daylights by Lynsay Sands)


So lately I have been talking about some really intense stuff! Boundary setting, toxic friendships, reorganizing your home…. Ahhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!  Goodness knows we have stuff going on in our lives that make us need a mental break from time to time. Perhaps some Action Romance novels????

Okay, so I love some badass chicks and badass fellas falling for one another in the heat of an action-packed plot, especially if there were spies, aliases, or any kind of undercover characters. I’ve read A LOT of them, and some of them were boring, some of them were weird, and some just plain confusing…. However there have been some I LOVE!


(FAIR WARNING: Most of these are VERY STEAMY!!!) With a small review of the first title of each of the series (and one single title). Note the majority of these titles introduce the next romantic couple in the previous book.

Black Knights Inc.  by Julie Ann Walker

Book 1-       Hell on wheels

The protagonists (at least the majority of the male ones) are some motorcycle fellas who own a bike shop, but they are all ex-black ops who are a secret section of the government using their love of bikes to hide in plain sight and take down the bad guys. I found the characters of this series to be some of the most dynamic at least within the first couple of books.  A later title (I think it was book 5?) that focused on a character becoming pregnant semi turned me off from the series, but I did find my way back… since that title, the characters have become a little less dynamic.

(Just some fair warning to my fellow ChildFree peoples, the pregnancy and the child became a major fixture of the stories that do not have this character as one of the protagonists as well.)

Love how this series has multiple perspectives. My least favorite is that occasionally the female characters are quite dependent on the male characters.


Deep Six by Julie Ann Walker

(A continuation of the Black Knights Inc. series briefly references those other characters from the first series, Black Knights Inc does not need to read to understand, however set in the same “world”.)

Book 1- Hell or High Water

This starts as more of an adventure story and they sort of “fall into” saving the day. These guys are retired “spooks” who now are living on an island searching for treasure. Honestly I liked it a lot more than I thought I would, even though I felt like you had to learn a lot of characters very fast.


Killer Instincts by Elle Kennedy

Book 1-      Midnight Rescue

This is gritty. One of the most badass females I’ve read in a non-paranormal fiction story. Love Female assassins especially ones who will forfeit everything to save the innocent. There’s a child slave ring and some other very intense subject matter but it was very good. Some of the most formidable foes in this series as well.


Wild Riders by Jaci Burton

Book 1-   Wild Riders

More motorcycle men who aren’t who they say they are.

The first title of the series ultimately wound up being my least favorite of all the books.  But my oh my, this stuff is steamy!!!!  Along the way this series includes such things as voyeurism, exhibitionism, multiple partners, joint relationship with multiple partners, and other steamy elements. So be prepared for a lot of *ahem* *wink, wink* STUFF, in these.  The villains in this series tend to be sleazy and gritty.


The Loving Daylights by Lynsay Sands

This is a single story (although the author has said that if someone picked it up she would have continued the series) about a plucky gal who works for a spy agency in the office creating spy gadgets who ultimately finds her way out “in the field” and it’s hilarious. There is espionage and such but it comes with the pitfalls of someone who is not a field agent doing field agent work, and falling for someone on the “team”.   (More comedic than any of the other titles listed)


Under Covers by Jessica Linden

Book 1 (Of two so far)  –     Body Guard

This is a Novella part of the “James Patterson’s Book Shots Flames” series.  I only read the first title. I found it to be a lot of fun and a very quick read. The female protagonist is a strong badass bodyguard who I loved. However, since it was so short, and because of how the characters seem to start at odds, the romance does feel a bit forced. Overall this title (and hopefully the next title or titles) was fun, lighthearted, and just enough steamy.


So a quick list to copy and paste:

  • Black Knights Inc. by Julie Ann Walker   (Book 1-  Hell on wheels)
  • Deep Six by Julie Ann Walker (Book 1- Hell or High Water)
  • Killer Instincts by Elle Kennedy (Book 1- Midnight Rescue )
  • Wild Riders by Jaci Burton (Book 1- Wild Riders )
  • Under Covers by Jessica Linden (Book 1- Body Guard)
  • The Loving Daylights by Lynsay Sands


Quick List to copy and paste with the briefest description:

  • Black Knights Inc. by Julie Ann Walker   (Book 1-  Hell on wheels)
    • Motorcycle men who were Black ops
  • Deep Six by Julie Ann Walker (Book 1- Hell or High Water)
    • Ex-spooks turned treasure hunters
  • Killer Instincts by Elle Kennedy (Book 1- Midnight Rescue )
    • Female Assassins teams up with black ops
  • Wild Riders by Jaci Burton (Book 1- Wild Riders )
    • EXTRA-Steamy Motorcycle men who are undercover
  • Under Covers by Jessica Linden (Book 1- Body Guard)
    • Novellas with a really strong Female Bodyguard
  • The Loving Daylights by Lynsay Sands (not a series)
    • Romantic Comedy & lead who has to be a spy but used to be a desk agent


So if you want to mentally ride a motorcycle with a black ops agent or fall in love during the heat of an intense undercover mission, then go open one of these books for your reading pleasure!   You Got This!