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Honestly the only thing that doesn’t rock about Museums is the fact that I always tend forget how to spell this word, for some reason I’m always incorrectly spelling it (Muesums) … anyway that’s my own personal albatross, onto the post!

Let’s begin by the fact that Museums are a mixture of a show room and library, holding information and art in a visual, three dimensional, and often textile way that we wouldn’t normally have access to. Through visiting museums (and other historical sites that they are often attached to), I have learned local history, had a better grasp on coinciding historical timelines, seen things up close that I would not have otherwise ever gotten to see, felt emotions from art that in front of me spoke more than ever seeing it online or in a book, done unique activities, and quite a few times I got to meet some interesting and passionate people.

In fact, let me tell you about my “Ohio” trip. Back before we weren’t even engaged, my fella (his name is Mike by the way) and I decided to take a trip out to Cincinnati, Ohio to visit one of my good friends. (And also Mike was going to propose but my friend and I had no clue about it!) As I have said in the past we live on the East Coast so we drove approximately 9 hours (actually more with pit-stops) to go visit our friend, then we took a couple of days to drive out even farther west to Cahokia, Illinois (where he proposed!) and then to St. Louis, Missouri. Even though A LOT happened on this trip when asked about it by friends, family, co-workers, Mike and I would often start by saying, “We saw NINE museums, oh and yea and we got engaged!”  We would tell people this because it truly was a highlight of our trip. We are still thrilled by all the unique and cool museums that it tends to be what we mention first and honestly I didn’t even think we were that crazy about museums but we had a blast.

For fun here is a list of all the museums that we visited on the length of our 10 day trip.

In Ohio:

  • Serpent Mound (Peebles)
  • Contemporary Arts Center (Cincinnati)
  • The Lucky Cat Museum (Cincinnati)
  • American Sign Museum (Cincinnati)
  • The Pyramid Hill Sculpture Park and Museum (Hamilton)
  • The Cincinnati Observatory (Cincinnati)

In Illinois:

  • Cahokia Museum

In St. Lois, Missouri: 

  • World Chess Hall of Fame & Chess Museum
  • The City Museum
  • St. Louis Public Library (Not really a museum but had some really amazing displays so honorable mention)

All of the listed above are museums or were attractions/historical sites that had museums with it such as Serpent Mound where it was the outside historical site and then the museum about it inside. If you notice a lot of these were different and wouldn’t be necessarily considered “main stream”. Not to say we wouldn’t have enjoyed them. We have been to places like Ripley’s Believe it Or Not and Madame Tussauds which have multiple locations. We have been to some of the more “quintessential” or expected museums in the US. And we hope to get back these states and others to see the more of the larger and more popular as well as other smaller distinctive locations that we missed.

If you want our advice which I think you might maybe be interested in what is… I mean you’ve made it this far through the post right? …We highly recommend visiting both the local little museums and big city well-known museums. Our advice is to visit the little local museums around you first, especially around the holidays because they often have neat reenactments, fairs, and events. We are rarely disappointed!

Honestly, I hope to never forget the experiences I had on this trip almost entirely at museums, exhibits, and attractions.(And the experiences attached to those museums.)

In brief here are some of my magic moments:

  • On our way to Cahokia we stopped in Casey, Illinois which has some of the world’s record setting largest items. While we were there we saw GIANT versions of :
    • A Pencil
    • A Wind Chime
    • Knitting Needles
    • A Crochet hook
    • Wooden Shoes
    • Baseball bat
    • Yardstick
    • Mail box (we even mailed postcards through it!)
  • Visited & stayed at St. Louis Union Station Hotel Where we:
    • Whispered I love you to one another through the famous 100 year old “Whispering Arch”
    • Watched a projected light show on their beautiful architectural ceiling
  • Looked through one the oldest telescopes in the United States
  • Got a behind the scenes personal tour from one of the museum’s curators
  • Met a local retired long standing judge who now dedicates his days to helping maintain the museum grounds
  • Was literally inches away from art that was thousands of years old
  • Took green screen pictures at the chess museum
  • Saw some of the most interesting chess sets
  • Connected with nature and man made marvels built in nature by:
    • Standing on a platform gazing down at the serpent mound
    • Looking at the St. Louis arch and all the other mounds whilst standing on the Cahokia Monk’s Mound
    • Feeling the breeze at the top of hill made of grass covered waves at the Prymaid sculpture garden

Outside of museums, attractions, and historical sites we had a lot of fun as well: We saw some to the most unique truck stops, drove on strange roads, caught up with a good friend, and got Krispy Kreme Donuts when the hot light was on!  We just happened to go back in time! (We traveled through a time zone which confused the heck out of us, but was really cool.) We also went to a comedy club, ate at an excellent Asian fusion restaurant, and ordered the most delicious room service at the Union Station Hotel… Oh and Mike proposed!  Hehe.

So as you can see, we did so much more than just visit museums but the museums were definitely the highlight. Filling our minds with information and wonder, these institutions provided that “magic feeling”.  

I hope you take the time to check out a museum. Wether it is just adding one to your trip itinerary or taking the time to visit one that you drive past every day… we hope you have a magical experience much like my husband and I have had and continue to have.

You Got This!





Resources:  “What can you find in a Museum”  “Weirdest Things to Do in Museums in the United States”



St. Louis Union Station Hotel:


Casey Illinois:


St. Louis Museums we went to:  (The City)  (Chess)  (Library)


About Cahokia (Illinois) :


About Pyramid Hill:



About Serpent Mound:


Ohio Museums I went to: (Lucky Cat) (Contemporary Arts Center) (American Sign) (Pyramid Hill) (Observatory)


[Serpent Mound does not have it’s own official website]





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