I’m back, kind of…

Hey everyone, I said I would be back September 4, and here I am!

However I’ve had a cold this past week that I just cannot kick which still has my brain fuzzy amongst other life “stuff” going on…. so unfortunately I was unable to complete a solid post for my readers. I am sorry!

However what I am going to do is list what I started to write about but am too foggy sick brained to finish writing/researching currently but hope to have a post about in the near future….

(Note some may not ever be made if there isn’t enough meat for a solid post)

1)Why walking is really one of the best and simplest ways to stay healthy and how to do it more.

2)How I use a modified bullet journal kind of system to keep my tasks, to-dos, budgets, etc at work all in one place and how I’m attempting to make that system work for my life outside of work.

3)How I’ve been reading this book called the “the F*ck it Diet” and how what I thought would be a funny mocking commentary on diets has been something that has made me do some deep emotional and physical work on myself.

4)A list of My all time favorite graphic novel reads (a mix of genre& age ranges)

5)How I once was a crochet naysayer but now I have made scarves, hats, blankets, shawls and much more. Possible crochet tips and resources

6) my favorite uplifting go to movies

7) my oddly comforting movies (slightly differs from #6)

8) welcoming fall

9) how leverage tv show took my top spot for all time favorite tv show

10) cartoons that are actually brilliant and/or just delightful and I highly recommend

11) my fav Disney resources (primarily YouTube/Instagram)

So those are the topics I hope to flesh out once I am feeling better. Also these are in no particular order so they will be posted whichever calls to me to finish first.

If there is one you would really like to read first tell me and I will do my best to redirect my focus and get that one out next…. also if there is any other topic you would like me to discuss or research get in touch with me by commenting below, posting on my Instagram, or on my Facebook page. @yougotdisblog

note: If it is something I feel like I can properly research or have a voice to speak about I will write about it. (Remember there are just some topics that I might not be the right person to discuss it… however if you request a topic like that I’ll do my best to give another good source!)

Remember, you got this!