See you in September…

I have decided to take the advice I would normally give to someone else but rarely take myself and say it’s okay to take a break.

I will be on hiatus from now through August 2019.

I have consistently posted once a week (sometimes more) since October 2018 which is a noteworthy accomplishment for me. I have written more entries on “You Got This” than any of my prior blogs. (Most of which were sporadically updated, often in clusters of time, and all ultimately abandoned. That hasn’t been the case with this blog nor will it be.)

I recognize that in most things taking a break is often needed and pausing to regroup is NOT failure. For I am taking this time to focus on things in my life that need my full and undivided attention and I cannot do so and write what I would consider “quality” posts.

Unlike my past blogs, I still have so much more I wish to share with my followers and I plan to continue jotting down ideas whilst on break. In fact, I already have some ideas for future posts, I just don’t have the time to fully research or flesh out the topics to my standards/desires.

I will return with a post on September 4th. In the mean time thank you for reading and remember, YOU GOT THIS!!


New to the blog? There’s much to read while you wait for my return! 🙂

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