PAST SELF PSA: Money & Happiness


What is a PAST SELF PSA?

So the phrase “money doesn’t buy happiness” is true… but not in the way people tend to use it. People use this turn of phrase to mean that the “simple life” is better, that rich people suck, or that money is evil.

Money isn’t evil.

Money affords us to do the things we want to do in this world such as help causes/people, go on trips, do fun activities, etc. Just because there are evil people out there misusing money and letting the power that comes with having access to oodles of money go to their head, doesn’t mean that anyone who has money is evil, and that to have money is wrong.

So money DOES buy happiness in the way that it gives us the ability to pay for the experiences and things in life we enjoy and support the causes we care about.

What “money doesn’t buy happiness” truly means is that if you are feeling empty, no amount of “stuff” or cash can fill that emptiness. The issue is looking outside to plug up the gaping hole of sadness/hollowness within ourselves.

And that’s where we all get lost in the shuffle, we are consumerist society where every advert tells us that happiness lies within the next product… that is until the NEXT product comes along, and the one after that one.

If you want to help fill the void within, the only way to do so is look within, which is scary and uncomfortable and yes it is much easier to buy more stuff, eat more stuff, and watch more stuff to ignore that feeling…  In fact unfortunately people will make some big decisions to fill this emptiness (like change jobs/buy a house/ have a baby… when they really should be looking within first and then making those decisions, not using those decisions to fill the emptiness.)

Now I am not saying there is anything wrong with purchasing things that you know you’ll enjoy or spending money, or eating the food you love… there is also nothing wrong with making big changes for your life… but where to be way is the “cycle of high-low” (aka happy/sad) when it comes to money/changes/filling the void…  You should be able to feel happiness outside of purchasing an item… and if you find yourself feeling low or sad without purchasing something and high/happy only when you purchase something that is an unhealthy sign. This is the “money doesn’t buy happiness” deal. If it buys it for only the briefest of moments and then you find yourself sad and lost and waiting for the next “high” then it is definitely time to check in on yourself.

You may need to change your outlook… you may need to talk to a therapist… you may just need to realize that money itself is currency, it is neither bad nor good… much like a knife… you can use a knife to chop food and make a delicious meal or you could use a knife to stab someone. The knife itself is not evil, it the person who is wielding it that takes control of it. Don’t let money control you, you control money.

So yes it’s okay to have money and use money to achieve goals and purchase fun things… it is when we let money make or break us on the daily that money doesn’t buy happiness.

You Got This!




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