What is a PAST SELF PSA?



Okay, so here is a post about some future posts….

(I know very meta, ha!)

See as you know the driving force behind this entire blog is giving what my past-self needed or was looking for and in doing so helping others that are in similar situations or have similar needs as my past self. (Whether it’s something as silly as knowing you can enjoy Halloween as adult without the gore/sexy stuff or something as serious as how to set boundaries and knowing when a relationship is toxic… man I really could have used that in the past!!)

As you can see majority of these topics have resources to delve deeper, have advice on how to implement certain things, some will have resource lists I’ve collated, and as always will be something  my past (or even current) self would have wanted to read or needed case depending. However, there were some definite things that I needed, in the past, to hear… to see in writing somewhere else to know that I wasn’t alone in my way of thinking or in my situation. Some of these points are simply that… just some things I think some people need to see in writing… topics that may be part of a future larger post, and topics that might not necessarily warrant resources or even delving deeper without focusing on a larger topic.

I have decided to post these topics (things that are fact based and from my experiences but not necessarily thoroughly researched with lots of links) as what I am calling “Past Self PSA” (PSA=Public Service Announcement)

So basically they are just like any other post I may do but without resource links and more a “I needed to see this in writing so maybe you do too” kind of thing.  These are less advice or bullet point lists, which I find to be the bulk of my posts, but more a “you’re not alone” type of post.

Now I think these posts will be useful in a validating way, and in an information spreading way, however they differ from the more “guide” like posts I normally have so I wished to denote that they were so within the title.

A future example would be a Past Self PSA on being childfree, where I will discuss some of the hurtful things people say to negate the choice of being childfree and how childfree is just as valid of a choice as it is to be a parent, which I give massive kudos to those who choose that lifestyle, but that it’s okay that people like me know it isn’t for us….  Now, why this doesn’t fit into the normal posts, is that there will be no resources, nor will it be any advice on that matter (not what to say in return to these comments, or how to figure out if you want to be childfree, or anything like that).    However, in the future I will discuss resources and advice for those choosing the childfree life, and that would be just listed as a regular post.

Hopefully that makes sense!

Either way thanks for reading and remember, You GOT This!   -Heather

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