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Alternate Title: A Valentine’s Day that won’t break the bank, no matter if you celebrate with a romantic significant other, friends, or just by yourself.

A bit of a tag-along post to my “Celebrating Valentine’s Day” Post.

So maybe you are broke from the December holidays or maybe you are like me, and VDay isn’t high on your list of importance but you still want to celebrate somehow.

Well here are some thrifty ways to celebrate. All of these suggestions are sweet and simple suggestions, none of the more “ahem” ::wink, wink:: way of celebrating the holiday… I think you can figure that out on your own.

If celebrating with significant other :

  • Make cards… most of the supplies you need are available at the dollar store. (If you are a crafty person you may already have all the supplies you need, so this tip may even cost zero! )
  • Each of you write a “things you love about one another” list on piece of paper then exchange and read. (or write love notes leading up to or for the day of)
  • Clean or do housework for one another (or clean with one another in advance so that the place looks spotless and thus more romantic)
  • Have an at home romantic dinner: light candles and make dinner, eat on a blanket on the floor (for picnic style), or dress up the dinner table (once again you can use dollar store supplies to add hearts and things for décor if you so choose), can buy one of those kits to cook together, or look up a meal on Pinterest.
  • Send texts…. Send each other cute memes, gifs, pictures of animals whatever through text/email (or romantic texts too)
  • Cuddle to a movie (it can be one you own, get free on Netflix, or get out from the library—which then would be free, you could Redbox or Purchase it… or you could go out to see a movie… but that gets busy and expensive fast just FYI. As I stated in my last post, my hubby and I love to watch the movie Valentine circa 2001 with David Boreanaz & Denise Richards. )
  • Purchase Candy/treat to share (instead of buying each other chocolates, find your favorites that you love to share and enjoy together.)
  • Do a Silly gift swap… Go to the dollar store or basic drug store such as Walgreens or CVS, or even Walmart or a Food store…. Have a spending limit of $5-10 and give each other twenty minutes to find something totally silly to buy for one another.


If celebrating with friends:

  • Food Splurge! Order in food or get junk food, or even cook or bake something you’ve always wanted to try together.
  • Watch Some Movies! Watch super sappy romances or the opposite horror fest or action flicks
  • Get Crafty! Have a craft night… scrap book, crochet, vision boards, etc.
  • Get Appreciative! Write things about why the other person rocks ( you can even buy those kids Valentine’s and have a Valentine’s/Galentine’s exchange.)
  • Pamper Thy Self! Have a pamper night (Spa night, etc. Where you paint nails, face masks, braid hair, or eat chocolate… you do you)
  • Go Out! If you don’t mind braving the crowds and seeing lots of romance abound, you can all go out and split bill. (Fun things, that are expensive if it’s a couple, but cheap if you have a group are things like Dim Sum—share tons of different food, Sushi… and anything that you might be able to get a group discount, such as bowling, in-door mini golf, etc.)

(In the past, I had a semi-Anti-Vday party, usually the weekend before or after the holiday, that I called “Black Heart Day” where I focused on the horror movies and had fake horror movie themed valentines to give people, and a bloody heart cake)


If celebrating alone:

(It’s all in the attitude just so you know… so if you are single and don’t want to be it’s time to focus on how much you love yourself, not turn it into a pity party… but like I said, that all depends on you and your attitude.)  Soo…. this is pretty much the same as spending Valentine’s day with friends except a little more intimate.  Also the post I had about spending Christmas alone may be of help as well for some ideas.

  • Pamper thy self… bath bombs, lotions, face scrub, etc. time to show some self-love, a long soak in a bath tub (get comfy and cozy!)
  • Watch a favorite movie or a new movie at home (if it’s just you can make it your guiltiest pleasure, the movie you don’t admit you love whether it’s a kids movie or a tacky romance, whatever you make the rules)
  • Eat! Eat your favorite treats, order in food, pick up some favorites to cook
  • Get crafty! (crochet, puzzles, whichever, etc.)
  • Go out! Perhaps not on Valentine’s day because going out and getting a table anywhere can be an ordeal, unless you know of a place you can sit at the bar or something… take yourself out to dinner, breakfast, or lunch!
  • Manifest/Dream-board… whether you just want to become your best self and this is the time your choose to reflect and set goals OR you do want a person that’s right for you. Well maybe the universe doesn’t know what it is you want so make a list of the truly important qualities of a person… write it down, put it on the fridge, burn a list of elements you no longer want your life… any time alone where you can reflect may at first seem hard but just saying you “want to better life” or you “want a partner” is like going into a food store or a restaurant and you say “I want food”… you need to be more specific for yourself and the universe… so as hard as it may be to look at these things, its important, figure out the menu… figure out what you want, for yourself and the powers that be!)


A lot this can be interchangeable, and like I said, it’s up to you and your attitude of how this holiday feels to you and how you ultimately celebrate.

No matter what, You GOT this!












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