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As Christmas approaches I remember Christmases past where I was racking my brain for good gift ideas. Whether it was that I just wanted to give something unique from the heart, something for someone I barely knew, I needed a unique way to present something, or I was just super broke (not that all crafting is cheap sometimes its more expensive to make something materials plus time spent, anyway)… I was always trying to find some cool things I could make as gifts.

For those very close (like a boyfriend or girlfriend, a parent or sibling, a best friend, etc.)

Coupon Book : This works well for a lot of things but be prepared to deliver. If it says “this coupon is good for one massage” or “one night of me doing the dishes instead of you” you have to be willing to eventually give whomever a massage or do the dishes.  One thing is nice if you have a sibling or friend who has kids, and you want to help them out, you can do a coupon for one night of babysitting on you or something. You can get fancy with a color printer and card stock or write it on a post it.

Lotion, Bath Bomb, Sugar Scrub or whatever you know how to diy that you could buy at Lush: Okay so LUSH has kind of cornered the market… remember you can also DIY a basket of premade things of this nature. See if you really know someone and they have favorite smells or scents, and/or have certain sensitivities or aliments you can customize it to that person.

Make Jewelry : Once again making something like this is a very personal thing so you really need to know the person. (Can’t be guessing if they have pierced ears as you make them earrings…)

Sew, Crochet, Knit, Cross stitch, Needle Punch etc.: A Hat, a scarf, a blanket, a mural, a sweater… I say this has to be someone you know well because it takes a lot of time to make a lot of these things and you don’t want to make something a person won’t wear, use, or an item that doesn’t fit.

Granted if you are an advanced and skilled crafter of any kind, then honestly I don’t know why you are reading this just make something for anyone because, share your gift as a gift!

Recipe book/cards with your favorite recipes: Or just make a pretty book or card container.

A Binder or book to hold someone’s specific collection: The first year I was dating the man that is now my husband, I used modpodge to decorate a bind with all sorts of ticket stubs then I bought coin collector binder sheets, card collector binder sheets, and money collector sheets. (For movie ticket stubs, theater ticket stubs, and other types of tickets.)

For Just about Anyone:

  • Cookie and candy treats (if they don’t eat it then someone else usually does)
  • Make a Just add fresh/perishable ingredients Jar (Jar of dry ingredients to make a food): mug cake mix, cookie/brownie mix, soup mix, cocktail mix, hot cocoa mix, etc.
  • Pine cone fire starters (It might help to know if they have a fireplace or fire pit they use… but it still smells good and looks cool if they don’t have one) One of the links has the instructions for this. I personally have never made this so I have no idea. I was once gifted this but unable to use it because it I didn’t have a fire place but it smelled good!
  • Homemade food or spreads: flavored salts, marmalade, homemade sauce, (make sure everything is sealed properly and that it has good shelf life)
  • A Liquor specialty: I’ve seen people infuse vodkas with their own flavors, or all the spices and fresh fruits to make sangria with a bottle of wine. (This fresh fruit and add ons is a way to give a boozy gift without the booze depending on the rules and setting of who you are gifting to)

Odds and Ends:

  • Hand warmers
  • Coasters
  • Bookmarks
  • Candles


Sometimes it’s all about presentation! You want to give something fun and festive or something that fits a certain theme. Sometimes you just want to jazz up the gift of money!

  • Wrapped Candy creation (use wrapped candy to make a sleigh, a reindeer, a Christmas tree)
  • A Money or Gift card presentation (such as a Scratch off tree or Money origami)

Kits & Baskets: (Subtitle of Presentation)

  • Movie Night Basket: A DVD or Redbox or Amazon gift card, popcorn, movie candy, popcorn holders, fake tickets, a cozy blanket… you have options
  • Spa Basket/Kit: Eye mask, Fuzzy socks, bath bomb/salts, lotion, candle, mug, tea, head tingler thingy, nail polish, lip balm, etc.
  • A color coded gift: example: Pink basket might have bubble gum/tape, pink bows, pink nail polish, etc.
  • Baking themed: Flour, Sugar, Cookie cutters, parchment paper, chocolate chips, sprinkles, etc.

No matter what you do remember you got this!

And also that life is stressful enough to not have to worry about the right gift or the best presentation, gift from the heart and if someone is unappreciative that’s on them. If you have the intent of love and care, you do your best, and of course you try your damnest to get the right size of clothing for someone… then you shouldn’t have to stress over a Christmas gift…. So know that sometimes it is okay to slap a bow on a bottle wine, have a little baggie or box with a gift card in it, or just put scratch offs in a card. [Make sure your giftee for wine or lottery tickets of legal age of course]


Note: A lot of these gifts will work outside of the Christmas season for another holiday/gift giving reason. (Except perhaps the Christmas themed ones of course.)




Food Gifts:



Creative Gift card, Money, or Candy gifts:  (Gift card/Money)  (Candy) (candy)


Gift Baskets:





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