Alone on Christmas?

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Okay this may not be considered a fun Christmas topic but I felt the need to write about it…

There’s a big difference between alone and lonely. Those who are lonely could be surrounded by people and still feel utterly alone, that’s not what I am talking about. (If that is your situation, I hope that you are able to find help from friends, family, or a professional, because that’s not a fun feeling… I wouldn’t wish it on anyone.) Anyway, this is not a post about how to find that dream boat that comes along for Christmas so you can spend the holidays snuggled up in your very own Hallmark movie. No what I’m talking about is being physically alone on Christmas/at Christmastime…  despite your relationships, whether you are single or married, have grown children who won’t be visiting, you are in a long distance relationship, all your family members and friends will be away for Christmas, you are away at college and can’t afford to travel home, you are studying abroad or are abroad for work, or unfortunately tragedy has struck and you are completely alone for Christmas…. Whatever it may be you know that you are going to be alone on Christmas Eve and/or Christmas Day… or a good portion of the Christmas season and you love Christmas and it means something to you and you don’t know how you are going to spend it.

So whatever your circumstances, it’s come to your attention that you will alone on Christmas… and you can still have a good holiday!

My biggest advice is to preplan what you are going to do. If you love and celebrate Christmas and you are going to be alone, especially for the first time, I advise you to PLAN AHEAD. If left to figuring it out on the day of you may just wind up sitting in a depressed funk which if you love Christmas, I don’t think you want. So plan ahead…

Christmas Day alone:

  • Watch a Holiday film (it’s best to purchase/make selections ahead of time, this way you aren’t scrolling through the TV or Netflix and not finding anything you like you can also have a stream of these running in the background as you do stuff around the house)
  • Make your favorite food or order from your favorite place (if it’s open… do some shopping or some research)
  • Have a stack of fun activities ready to do: crochet, coloring book, sticker by number, a workout routine (if that’s your thing), bake, paint, puzzles, read a book, etc.
  • Make a Video Chat date with family, friends, or your long distant significant other (There are many devices that can make this possible. You can Skype, you can video call from your iPhone… just make sure to plan it out on your calendar so everyone is available at the right time—you may have to figure in long distance charges and time zones and other logistics—and also make sure all your devices are charged and all services paid for. I would suggest planning out even a phone call with a friend, so that it doesn’t mess with their busy schedule and you know when to call or expect their call.)
  • Get organized (clean out old clothes, reorganize a section of your place that’s been bothering you, possibly gather things to donate to the less fortunate? )
  • Pamper Yourself … if you are staying in why not pamper yourself! Fill up that stocking of yours with pampering items, like bath bombs, foot scrubs, a new hair brush, some nail polish… and pamper yourself…. Then stay in your jammies the rest of the day!


Don’t want to be alone? But don’t have anyone?

  • Volunteer (At a soup kitchen, at a homeless shelter, at an animal shelter, at a farm)
  • Work! (Take a temp job or part time gig helping at an establishment that needs people to work on holidays. I know this doesn’t sound fun at all but you can be a big help to others who wouldn’t be home for the holidays otherwise, or even places that get swamped such as restaurants or seasonal locations that offer Holiday events. )
  • Go to a Christmas Meetup
  • Go to the movies (you won’t be conversing with people but you’ll be with people)
  • Host a Holiday for “Orphans” (Gather anyone you know who also would be alone on Christmas to come over for Dinner/The Day)


Sometimes it’s disheartening to be alone and it can even feel scary if you are unused to being alone, but it is okay to be alone on the holiday and still want to celebrate. Also check back to my previous post: there are many activities you can do leading up to the holidays on that list that can be done alone. Such as window shopping, meet-ups, runs, bar crawls, etc..  Though I personally have always had at least someone to see or something to do for a portion of my day on Christmas, I do recall the hours I had alone twiddling my thumbs until I met up with family my first year out on my own and though I am thankful that I have never had to use the tips or tricks above for the entirety of Christmas Day or even the Christmas season, I was saddened by how little there was on this topic… so I hope this helps.

No matter your situation… YOU GOT THIS!



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