Focus Creates Your Reality: Positive Reinforcement

Another way to switch my focus/perspective is to provide subtle reinforcement. So often we have a lot of negative reinforcement…. Family that argues, staff/customers/bosses that don’t appreciate us/are mean/focus on the negative, we are often inundated with the news of the terrible goings on in the world, we consume a lot of media that may have a more negative focus (Youtube videos, Instagram feeds, Facebook feeds, etc.), and we tend to choose to read or watch fiction that is of a darker more negative perspective of life. So… with all that negative feedback it’s sometimes hard to see the world as positive. It’s hard to see the good in the world when we have the awful staring us in the face all the time. Once again, as I said before, that does not mean I suggest or even condone being ignorant to the world and it’s troubles, or that by changing your perspective you will magically erase some illness or disease. (So please don’t be that jerk that says to people who are struggling “It’s your choice to be ____” whatever that may be, depressed, overweight, generally ill… you don’t know someone’s struggles. Even I am not saying to you “you need to change”… I’m saying “hey this might help, and that there is still good the world, at least some!”)

So I am mindful of what I consume, as best I can. And do my best to sprinkle in the good. I still read the news, I still watch spooky movies… but I try to sneakily inundate myself with positive when I can.

I try to read more positive self-help, memoirs, and fluffy happy stories. I try to watch more inspirational and feel good films. But a major thing I do which is where I feel like we are the most effected by is the social media. I follow A LOT of positive pages/accounts on Facebook and Instagram. We cannot control what others post, but we can control how much we consume and of course what we post. I try to repost more positive on Facebook for multiple reasons, it puts some happy into my friends feeds, I can go back and look at those posts specifically to reaffirm goodness and most importantly social media such as Facebook is designed to track algorithms to offer more suggestions for things you might like. If you always click on and repost, “the world is ending” stuff, then you are going to get more of that. If you post and click on the positive, then you will get more of that! Also it’s more than acceptable, it’s sanity saving, to just scroll past the click bait articles and angry rants of our Facebook friends. I get it, you want to know! This is not ignorance, this choosing what you consume. Being aware that animals need help, that politics are confusing and polarized, and that there’s a recall on a food, is important sure, but you don’t need to know obscure facts or read yet another article about the exact same subject that will only infuriate you.

It’s up to you to choose what you consume and how much of it. If you feel the need… to delve deep into the darkness ignoring all positives, to be mindfully aware but also consume happier media, or to be completely ignorant of the news… that’s your decision.

Okay so that being said, here are some pages/accounts I follow to infuse my social media pages with some positive. Granted sometimes even these resources post negative things or things I don’t like, so you may or may not like yourself. I have unfollowed some that have gone too far in a direction I do not like, whilst others I will just ignore that stray post of negativity.  This list is certainly not exhaustive and if you have more you recommend comment below!

You Got This! –Heather

Facebook pages I follow:


Hay House

Bored Panda    (this is 50/50, some awesome, some stupid/obnoxious)

Bored Panda Animals

This Girl Can

60 Second Docs (some amazing awesome people… a few strange ones though)

Dry Bar Comedy  (mostly clean comedy, some brilliantly funny, some lame)

HealthyWay Media

Instagram accounts I follow: (all @)















Cute animal Instagram’s:











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