BONUS: Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving to my readers! Thank you for your support of “You Got This”! There is so much I want to write about. My continued plan is to post at least once a week Monday through Saturday. Once I get a rhythm down I will try to pick a consistent day of the week that I will post.

As for right now, I thought this might help any of you who are dealing with some craziness for tomorrow’s big holiday! Whether it’s dealing with crazy family, making a “dish” last minute, or hosting for the first time I got some quick links for you!

Dealing with crazy pushy family? (Thankfully I’m not… but I’ve been there) Why not make a game out of it!

Thanksgiving Bingo

Childfree Bingo

(Don’t plan on having children but you have extended relatives being all judgy? Well here’s the Bingo game for you! I don’t necessarily love the ‘breeder’ title, but still fun to see if you can reach Bingo from all the presumptuous, rude, and personal statements/questions your fellow Thanksgiving attendees might say!)

Here’s some “How to Survive Thanksgiving” articles:

(First link is about how to deal with the dreaded “P” word, politics. Just warning in case that’s a trigger or something. I won’t be talking about politics and spoilers I totally love the suggestion of honing in on something cute like a dog or child and being like wow look at how cute when someone even attempts to discuss politics with me at a family/holiday function.)

And my cheat of recipe for when I have zero time to make something but am told to bring something I made myself:


You need:

1 Pint Vanilla Ice Cream (Vanilla bean is the best… can be substituted for almond milk ice cream)

1 regular size can of precooked pumpkin (I have always used Libby’s… and not pumpkin pie filling)

1 premade graham cracker crust (Keebler has the hook up on this folks)

¾ c or a whole cup of sugar (you do you)

1 regular container of cool whip (if you need to go vegan on this the So Delicious coconut cool whip is pretty good- I get that from Whole Foods)

2 tbs pumpkin pie spice (McComrick makes this in a tiny little thing but if you have spices already I will link to the formula how to make it easily from scratch… just mix it all together as they said take two tablespoons)

1– fill the pie crust to about half way with that ice cream. Put in freezer to set.

2-  Mix pumpkin, sugar, pumpkin pie spice, and cool whip  (for ease I usually mix this in the cool whip container) … mix and taste until it’s balanced and yummy. You can’t mess this up. You can do more pumpkin less whip or more whip less pumpkin. (Just make sure pumpkin is in it to call it pumpkin pie)

3- Pull the pie out of the freezer. Then layer that new mix on the top.

4- put it back in the freezer, cover than bring in a cooler, store in freezer until ready to serve.

DIY pumpkin pie spice= ground up versions of the following spices: cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, cloves

Recipe for portions & balance:

And a link or two for you… if your hosting for the first time and you just realized now the night before thanksgiving how freaking “involved” it all is:

Alright hopefully you won’t need any of the above… although that pie is super delicious. Either way, remember…

You Got This!


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