Welcome to the beginning of something new.

I find it strange to say that this is the beginning. Because I feel like I have had so many false starts. But I’ve realized that life is a bunch of beginnings.

Over the years I have had numerous blogs. I had one about “moving out” and purchasing my own house, a ranting blog focusing on all the stupid things that ticked me off, a blog about being a librarian, a blog about “accomplishing life”/getting myself out there, a blog about navigating self-help literature, a blog about losing weight, a blog about being more badass; the list goes on and on.  And yet, other than an angst ridden blog during my gothic teenage years, these blogs never lasted more than two months or a handful of posts. Some I would update rapidly for a month, a few I updated over a handful of months but after a while I would feel confined by my topic and lose interest. Recently, I’ve realized the only one that was successful (not in popularity but in updates) was the one that had no theme it was just me being me. (At the time that was a cryptic gothic teenager but it was who I was at the time.)

I realized after all these years if I want to have a blog that I keep updated and actually utilize I need to not to confine to a singular topic. Because then it just doesn’t flow. What is funny is I feel like I still have a lot to say about all of the topics above (except maybe moving out because I’ve done that, but I could always do a retrospective advice post or even talk about currently being a homeowner).  So sometimes I might get a little ranty, sometimes I’ll talk about my current profession of being a librarian, sometimes I’ll give advice, sometimes I’ll write a post in a cryptic way. No matter what it would just be authentically me, not confined to one singular aspect of me.

I do have a general focus though. Which I will discuss in the next post.

Until then, You Got This!


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